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nest 巢.家居從對家的認同感出發,以華人文化為基石,將歷經時代考驗的日常用品,融入現代機能與設計調性,成為符合新形態都會生活的商品,呈現台灣獨具的風格美學。希望將我們的信念傳遞給更多不斷追尋著精彩生活的朋友!

Studio Lim是一個材料創新導向的設計品牌,專注於家居家飾生活產品。產品承繼了百年的工藝傳統融合進現代製程,藉由實驗,我們將材料帶進一個新的旅程而創造出讓顧客珍視的獨一無二產品。產品富含著材料研究、科技製程以及傳統工藝,並且藉由高品質的設計與產品,我們期望讓使用者在現在以及未來有著美好的生活體驗。
除此之外,從傢飾到生活精品,我們不忘對於環境永續的承諾。Studio Lim不只是一個設計品牌而是以成為一個永續新美學的啟發者為目標。

Studio Lim is a material driven design brand powered by innovation.
We turn materials through a journey of research and experimentation into one-of-a-kind lifestyle products which you will cherish for your interiors and home. There you find our inheritance of authentic craft traditions fused with our skills of modern manufacturing.  We aim to deliver an experience where you discover a renewed idea of aesthetic which is enhanced by sustainable choices of materials, technology and craft.
We take care of your lifestyle in the present and the future in a way we pay attention to detail of your products and endeavour to achieve quality design. From home accessories to lifestyle products, we focus on exception associated with our lifelong commitment to the environment where we were born. Studio Lim is not only a design brand but also an inspiration of new aesthetic for a sustainable future.

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